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Welcome to Bristol Disability Equality Forum

Bristol Disability Equality Forum (BDEF) is an organisation of Disabled people who live, work or study in the Bristol area of England.

The Social Model of Disability is part of everything we do: We are open to all Disabled people.

Join us, its free.


With your support, we can continue to:

  • Campaign for Disabled people’s rights, equality and access to all services.
  • Celebrate the diversity of Disabled people.
  • Provide advice and support to organisations and individuals.
  • Increase Disabled people’s influence and control over our own lives.

If you want to… have your say on local and national issues, keep up to date on events or share information and ideas about anything that affects Disabled people in the Bristol area… this website is for you.

Access, Choice, Inclusion and Control = Independence and Equality

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