Calls to Save Vital Disability Benefits

Calls to Save Vital Disability Benefits

CAMPAIGNERS against cuts being made to disability benefits staged a five-hour protest in Brislington.

A group wholesale jerseys China of around 40 gathered outside Department of Work and Pensions offices in Flowers Hill to make their views heard.

The protest was a joint venture between the Bristol Disability Equality Forum and the Anti-Cuts Alliance.

During from the !!! peaceful protest they stopped cars SA3D and pedestrians, giving them information on the cuts.

Laura Welti, Set-Off 53, of Easton took part in the protest.

She For said: “It was a peaceful protest. Disability benefits are vital because they help people with the extra costs they cheap jerseys incur.”

The Government is changing the way people are assessed in a bid to reduce spending by cheap jerseys 20 per cent.

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