Workfare for Disabled… now unlimited !

Workfare for Disabled… now unlimited !

In other news today, the Guardian newspaper are reporting new proposals by the DWP to extend workfare to terminally ill and disabled people.

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There’s a difference though… The terminally ill or disabled will have to do unpaid work for an unlimited period of time in order to receive their income/benefits.

Example 1:

You have cancer, undergoing aggressive therapies, may live for more than 6 months then you are clearly fit to do night shifts stacking shelves in, say, a Tesco store. Honest. If you say no then the ‘benefits’ you now live on could be reduced or stopped altogether.

Example 2:

Or you have a long term disability but capable of, say, sitting in a wheelchair at a checkout desk. For free. For ever. Say no and you could have your benefit/income reduced or stopped altogether !

I believe our ‘current’ government is really plumbing the depths at present. Forcing the terminally ill into unpaid work for an unlimited time, really? Is this the sort of society we want to live in?


Disabled people forced into unpaid work for how long? Life?

How is that fair in any civilised society.

It’s disgraceful, that’s what it is.

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